Camosun Nursing Student Collective


1.    Call to order 0730, Monday March 4th, 2019 Fisher Building, Rm 214

2.    Roll call/ introduction, check-ins: Kennedy, Jaqueline, Sarah, Allison, Natasha, Nikki, Sam Meckin, Karlina

3.    Adopt agenda/ suggest additions

4.    Reports

a.    BCCNP- no report

b.    NNPBC- no report

c.     BCNU- regional meetings March 15th 9-5, register online, due on the 8th.

   i.     Personal resiliency

   ii.     Conferences, Women’s deliver conference in Vancouver in April- apply on the BCNU website

iii.     BCNU convention in May in Vancouver

  iv.     Free to register to apply for Bursary’s, drawn in October, have until mid-September to apply.

d.    CNSA – switched over to new chairs, transitioning into new positions. Revamping website.

·      Funding from BCNU for conference cost for Natasha’s -200$ as well as Nikki.

·      National conference to be set in Montreal next January

e.    Treasurer – No change, update at the end of March.

5.    New business

a.    Bake Sales (Lina)-  

i.     Volunteers – no one from 0900-1200 on Wednesday, worst case scenario, Lina would show up for 1030.

  ii.     Bakers – good on baked goods. Richmond house to pick up other supplies.

b.    Safe Talk (Nicky) – good news, we have 30 people signed up, deposits from almost everyone; bad news- thought the funding was $25, but it is $35- CCSS may be able to cover a five-dollar fee to help out the students attending.

c.     Naloxone (Jade)

  i.     Volunteer to help out with collecting donations before it begins- 

   ii.     Registration is complete 47 people have registered

d.    Canadian Blood Services (Still waiting to hear back about a date) – Allison is thinking just before final exams

e.    Potential for adding new positions to the collective & electing a new VP – LPN liaison, indigenous rep, Vice president- potentially post-pone till September, garner some interest now and to get in some letters of interest.

   i.     Schedule of all meetings on bulletin board in student lounge

6.    Concerns/ announcements

7.    Next Meeting Monday March 18th, 2019, Fisher Building, Rm 214


Camosun Nursing