Camosun Nursing Student Collective


1.    Call to order 0730, Monday March 18th, 2019 Fisher Building, Rm 214

2.    Roll call/ introduction, check-ins: Jade, Natasha, Sara, Jaqueline, Niki, Kennedy, Brooke, Allison, Sam

3.    Adopt agenda/ suggest additions

4.    Reports

a.    BCCNP

b.    NNPBC

c.     BCNU

d.    CNSA: All the new representatives have taken over their new positions. If you’re interested in the CNSA committee, there are opportunities to get involved as long as your part of an active school

e.    Treasurer: next meeting will have end of year

5.    New business

a.    Bake Sale

                                               i.     Recap: just do the one bake sale, $648.80 was the total amount raised.

                                             ii.     Another bake sale for September

b.    Safe Talk

                                               i.     Funding update: Fisher 200, facilitator to set up early. Funding approved from CCSS.

c.     Naloxone

                                               i.     Recap: good turn-out for event. Donations received, 50 students turn-out.

d.    Canadian Blood Services (Still waiting to hear back about a date) most likely won’t end up happening this semester, looking to organize for September.

e.    AVI Lunch N’ Learn: something for the office to donate to the non-profit. Harm reduction smokes? Island sexual health clinic office for supplies.


6.    Concerns/ announcements

-       Schedules for both campuses are being made, moving everything over to interurban this summer.

-       New positions and VP position- voting and inducting in September. Stufac email for statements of interest and invite to last meeting.

o   Brooke: bring people in with UVIC student society representative to come talk at meeting. Have someone to talk about what to expect at first semester at UVIC, in September have a Q and A.

o   Natasha: work with UVIC to have students come to events at Camosun. Also, talk with Student Representatives to talk with faculty.

§  All fourth year are in practicums, so it is hard to organize meetings and priorities. Leads of committees come together.

§  J cura- help out with researcher with project. Your name is included in the research. Starting in September in 4th year.

§  Sara: opportunities to study abroad?

§  Allison: have students from Camosun join the UVIC meetings and vice versa.

o   Natasha: have a representative from UVIC nursing student society talk at 1st year orientation.

7.    Next Meeting Monday April 1st, 2019, Fisher Building, Rm 214

Camosun Nursing