Camosun Nursing Student Collective


1.    Call to order 0730, Monday February 4th, 2019 Fisher Building, Rm 214

2.    Roll call/ introduction, check-ins Allison, Nikki, Jade, Kennedy, Natasha, Mark

3.    Adopt agenda/ suggest additions

4.    Reports

a.    BCCNP –N/A

b.    NNPBC-N/A

c.     BCNU- Sam: nothing much to report

d.    CNSA (Conference Update!) –nothing new to update, other than the conference. Money got to CNSA, good standing with the CNSA.

-Natasha: discussed voting during the meetings at the conference.

-all of the summaries of the presentations from the conference are posted on the blog. Topics include: mental health, indigenous intersectionality, history of colonialism in Canada

-there was nurse speed dating: all representations of nurses in the CNSA (5 minutes with each)- posted on CNSC website under news

- key note speakers, rural nursing. Barb-  How leadership isn’t all about the position that you hold; Doreen- leadership via storytelling, noble peace prize nominee

- francophone students feel underrepresented, NCLEX isn’t well translated, 20-30% pass rate. Don’t receive study guides in French.

(-CASN- additional accreditation- can work in Canada but not in other countries)

-director of indigenous health advocacy should be indigenous, there was no indigenous students that applied, one women applied but is not indigenous. - indigenous ally position created for this woman, support the indigenous health advocacy

-voted new members into all the board positions


e.    Treasurer- Allison: emailed tag and Quinn for check from paint night


5.    New business

a.    Bake Sales (Lina) – date we picked isn’t going to work, waiting to here back for another date after reading break. Possibly in march- pending.

b.    Safe Talk (Nicky) –at the conference, some were talking about a mental health day with a SIM at the end to solidify skills. Pending for March. Jade: - there’s mental health content in 233, maybe do the presentation during that time.

-talk to Carrie about how many people can attend

c.     Canadian Blood Services –Allison: set up a date to bring people in for a meeting, next semester to do a section wide blood donation.

-       Pending for the last week in March in first floor of fisher

-       Mark: bring in tea from silk road to get people talking

d.    ESN Position Informative Presentation from PHSA & VIHA for BScN students –Andrea Taylor, no ESN positions posted to VIHA. Should be more of a focus in September.

-BC Women’s hospital on March 6th- open conference. Deadline to register is March 1st.

e.    Potential for adding new positions to the collective –potentially adding an indigenous position and a LPN liaison/ representative position

-potential for vice president position open

- Natasha: talk to Dwayne about scheduling, limited amount of rooms to accommodate 40 students

-two weeks from now to start deciding on new building at interurban for September

-support information for PREP- maybe organize a lunch and learn for this semester.

Jade- there was a section not able to do the naloxone training last semester, look into setting up another naloxone training. Possibly a Wednesday at 1730 to accommodate for first years.

6.    Concerns/ announcements

7.    Next Meeting Monday March 4th, 2019, Fisher Building, Rm 214

Camosun Nursing