Camosun Nursing Student Collective


1.    Call to order 0730, Monday January 21st, 2019, Fisher Building, Rm 214

2.    Roll call: Allison, Jaqueline, Kennedy, Mark, Niki, Andrew, Sumi, Jessie, Jacklin, Karlina, Sonja, Sienna, Sam

a.    introduction, check-ins

3.    Adopt agenda/ suggest additions

4.    Reports

a.    BCCNP: should have an event by the end of the semester. Brought all the schools together to see how they could support us.

b.    NNPBC: no new information

c.     BCNU: most up to date calendar, regional meetings students can attend. Information night: 1-2 hrs for students to attend, Allison: getting a presentation together for PHSA and VIHA for ESN positions; to happen before reading break or final exams. March 5th-next BCNU meeting

d.    CNSA: conference this week (Natasha and Nikki are attending) will report back after the conference.  (voted- All in favor of covering Nikki’s ticket to the conference)

e.    Treasurer: still waiting on check from paint-night to come in (approx. $350)

5.    New business

a.    Bake Sales (Lina)- proposed idea of two bake sales this semester, as they are a good way to generate funds for CNSC. Vote on date for first bake sale: Wednesday- February 13th (9-4); can send out a stufac email for volunteers.

b.    Safe Talk (NickI)- talked to the event coordinators, need 20 people at least to sign up, 1-2 hrs, $25 for students. Would CCSS be willing to help fund some of the tickets for students. They are open with dates and times, we need to figure out a day that would work best- possibly in the evening. (LPN students to send copy of schedules to Allison)

c.     Canadian Blood Services (Allison)- coming in at 0800 to do a presentation, can decide if we would like to do a presentation or event with them later in the year.  – (Sienna) organize event for competition between sections, for which can donate the most over a semester- plan for fall, 2019 semester

d.    ESN Position Informative Presentation from PHSA & VIHA for BScN students – possibly to take place before reading week.  Any questions that students want answered:

1.    (nikki) tips on how to make your application better, since there is competition; does it tally hours for seniority

2.    (Andrew) locations, pay

3.    (Allison) 350 hrs with pay and seniority for when you apply for RN- PHSA for 2nd or 3rd year nursing.

4.    (Lina) what is the closing date for VIHA ESN positions, to have the presentation take place before the closing date.

e.    Pub/ Trivia Night? – to take place next semester (fall 2019)

6.    Concerns/ announcements – (Andrew) potentially moving next semester to a new campus, how does that effect us? Will there be a storage space for us?- Allison will inquire about if it will move from Richmond house.

7.    Next Meeting February 4th, 2019, Fisher Building, Rm 214

8.    Dragana Nikolic from Canadian Blood Services will present (0800-0815 & 5 mins for questions)

a.    Familiar with nursing groups

b.    Manage the blood supply for all hospitals across the country- blood, plasma, stem cells, organs and tissues

c.     Self-sufficient as a country, BC not self-sufficient-  blood from Calgary; not self-sufficient for plasma –buy from the states

d.    Community and volunteer program, recruiting new blood donors.

e.    Nurses that work at CBS, students might want to see what a career opportunity with CBS would look like for nurses.

f.      Trying to get to camosun, not enough space. (need over 200sq ft, proper plugs and temperature control)

g.    For recruiting: set up a booth with ipads to book appointments; mini-presentation at the beginning of class; partner with business

h.    If you want to donate and have two friends that want to donate- CBS will pay for a taxi home. (need at least 3)

i.      Q: (Andrew) one match booths? (For stem cells)- nursing students can set up swabbing booths, good opportunity for education/ teaching and learning

j.      Lots of speakers can come and do presentation about their experience with CBS

Camosun Nursing