Camosun Nursing Student Collective


1.    Call to order 730, Monday, September 24, 2018, Fisher Building, Room 310

2.    Roll-call/introductions, check-ins

Tory, Michelle, Siobhan Joanne, Natasha, Philip, Aditi, Nicky, Brooke, Andrew, Sarah, Jackie, Kennedy, Jade, Kendra

3.    Adopt agenda/suggest additions

  1. All collective belongings are now in the Richmond building in CCSS office (on a shelf) – contact tory if you need to access.

  2. Nurses week November 20th to 26th

  3. Tory suggested putting boarder on board in nursing lounge to outline CNSC space

  4. Andrew has looked into print shop to have a laminated boarder printed and info cards

  5. Tory touched base with Evan & Darlaine about who holds official positions in regards to getting feedback from us 

  6. Natasha attended meeting with faculty about nursing curriculum, needs for 1stand 3rdyear representative. No further information at this time.

4.    Unfinished business:

a.    Bake Sale

                     i. Date, time, location details

  1. Aditi noted date of November 20th0900-1600, patient care center (PCC) at jubilee

  2. Andrew discussed putting up posters in PCC prior to bake sale for advertisement 

                       ii. Sign up sheets for baking, selling

  1. Tory handed out sign up sheet (sign up for baking, selling and advertising), will communicate online with those who have signed up and given email address

                        iii. Additional task delegation

  1. Not at this time, will address next meeting if needed

b.   Paint (Plant) Nite

                         i. Discuss possible time frame

  1. Natasha is still in collaboration with plant nite to sort out details and estimated date (Dec 20, 27 or January 3)

                         ii. Task delegation

  1. Tory passed out sign up sheet for helping in any aspect of the paint/plant night

5.    New Business

a.    Naloxone Training

                        i. Task force

  1. Tory passed out sign up sheet 

  2. Jade volunteered as being the representative in organizing naloxone event

  3. Siobhan discussed details of last year’s naloxone event to Jade

  4. Tory will be in touch with Jade in regards to event details 

  5. Collective discussed doing the “by donation” of goods again, will go forward with doing this again this year.

b.    “Nursing Speed Dating” Event

    i. Task force

  1. Tory passed out sign up sheet

  2. Tory discussed what this event would look like. Going around and meeting with different nurses from different areas & specialties to have more insight as to what they do & ask questions about their area of nursing.

  3. Tory suggested bringing to next meeting a list of nurses, if anyone knows of nurses that would be good for this event, please recruit. Will set date at next meeting.

  4. Natasha discussed potential round tables and have nurses/instructor move rather than students. Will discuss details at a later time.

c.    Recruitment

  i. How, when, where to advertise available positions

  1. Tory opened floor to ideas of advertising/making students aware of what is available. 

  2. Joanne touched on having official certificates possibly signed by faculty for portfolios. Eligibility discussed.

  3. Tory discussed potentially advertising these positions on social media, one a week on facebook page.

  4. Joanne suggested using the board in nursing lounge for advertisement.

  5. ACTION - Andrew to post to Facebook and on board in nursing lounge.

   ii. Set date for submission of statements of interest

  1. Tory set deadline for October 28th, with the hope to decide on October 29thmeeting and transition roles in the following month.

6.  Reports

a.    CRNBC 

  i. Andrew contacted BCCNP to find out expectations of students. Students can apply for internships through website. Website is up and running.

  ii. Tory suggested posting information around internship on blog.


  i. Joanne still needs to meet with Allison, NNPBC now includes LPN, faculty liaison is Paula Littlejohn. 

c.    BCNU

  i. Kendra discussed conference and different subjects that were covered. 

  ii. Kendra encourages student to attend next conference on November 30th. When applying look at what the conference is about and incorporate into application.

  iii. Tory suggested posting notes from conference to blog on website and advertising November 30thconference. ACTION - will follow up with an email.

d.   CNSA

  i. Aditi discussed details of western regional conference in Regina on October 26-28th, which she will be attending.

e.   Treasurer

   i. Budget has been submitted, will know if it has been approved or not. Will be posted to website. 

7.  Concerns/announcements

Open floor

8. Next Meeting, Monday, October 15, 0730-0820, Fisher Building, Rm 310  

9. Adjournment 820.

Camosun Nursing