Camosun Nursing Student Collective

Meeting Agenda


  1. Call to order (August 29, 1110, Library Room 211)

  2. Roll-call, (Tory, Joanne, Natasha, Andrew, Aditi)

  3. Adopt agenda/suggest additions

  4. Unfinished business:

    1. Member positions

      1. Joanne read out representative roles and responsibilities, group approved each role.

      2. Tory discussed new delegation of responsibilities to Secretary and VP to mirror the UVNSS member roles.

      3. Member positions identified which will be voted on at September 10 meeting:

        1. Secretary...Michelle Cassidy

        2. Media Manager...Andrew York

        3. CRNBC rep...Andrew York

        4. 3rd Year ARNBC rep...Joanne Harker

      4. Group agreed that no member may miss more than two meetings, nor can the absences be consecutive without forfeiting their position.

      5. Tory identified each member position that will be vacated in

January, 2019:

  1. President

  2. Vice President

  3. Secretary

  4. Associate CNSA delegate

  5. BCNU rep

v. Position that is vacant this semester: 1st year ARNBC rep

vi. Tory proposed that each rep will assume responsibility for fundraising related to their organization’s activities (i.e. CNSA will take over bake sale)

vii. Tory proposed that each CNSC event will be planned and organized by a task-force of two, comprised of one established member of the CNSC and (if possible) one member-at-large.

  1. Website

    1. Tory asked members to review website and provide feedback in an email

    2. Tory discussed areas for development:

      1. “About Us” section

      2. Territorial acknowledgement, will review with Faye Martin

      3. “Nursing Links”

iii.  Tory and Andrew will meet next week to finesse website and update links, including Facebook account link

iv. Tory inquired which members have access to CNSC accounts:

  1. nursingstudents@camosunstudent.org No one knows, has access...ACTION: Tory will ask CCSS to close account

  2. camosunnursing2017@gmail.com Tory, Siobhan and Michelle will have access.


  1. New business

    1. CNSC Facebook page

      1. Determine member access

        1. Joanne believes Siobhan has “admin” status

        2. ACTION...will add Andrew to admin list

      2. Clean up posts

        1. ACTION...Andrew will clear wall of all posts, will change posting parameters to only allow comments on CNSC member posts.

      3. Change photo (to official logo), ACTION...Andrew will complete

      4. Outline posting parameters for members

        1. VP and Media Manager will be primary members who post, and only in an official capacity

        2. Will consult with CNSC members before posting

        3. Will prioritize linking to website as main location for CNSC information

    2. CNSA Regional Conference

      1. Fundraising

        1. Bake sales (RJH, VGH), ACTION...Aditi and Natasha will work to transition responsibility for bake sale from Joanne and Siobhan. Will plan to set dates by next meeting (September 10)

        2. Paint Nite, ACTION...will discuss further at next meeting

      2. Determine criteria for student funding

        1. Until further notice, fundraising will be dedicated exclusively towards sending a minimum of one CNSA delegate to both the regional and national CNSA conferences per year.  

        2. In the future, if additional funds are available, CNSC will discuss using funds to send individual members of student body.

        3. CNSC will encourage CRNBC and BCNU reps to explore funding options for conference attendance through their respective organizations.

    3. Student recruitment, 1st year orientation

      1. Tory and Natasha will address first years on September 5 at 1230

      2. Andrew proposed to requisition corkboard in nursing lounge for CNSC use.

    4. Future meeting schedule

      1. Tory proposed future dates as:

        1. September 10

        2. September 24

        3. October 15

        4. October 29

        5. November 19

        6. December 3

ii. Discussed pros and cons of 730  and 1730 start to meetings:

  1. 1730 is more feasible for members, however this time excludes Year 1, section 4

  2. Group agreed on importance of having meeting times accessible for 1st year students

  3. Tory proposed an alternating schedule with some meetings in the morning and some in the evening

  4. ACTION...group agreed to set first meeting time for September 10, 730-830

  5. ACTION...Natasha, Tory, Joanne will organize coffee and snacks for first meeting.  Natasha will budget for food and drinks at future meetings.

    1. Fall semester activities

      1. Nursing Speed Dating...Natasha and Tory proposed idea and tabled for future meetings.

      2. Naloxone Training...will organize another training date and will ask participants for donations to local charitable organization.

      3. Nursing Student Week Nov 20-26...will discuss further at next meeting.

  1. Reports

    1. ARNBC...Allison requested student package, have not heard back yet.  ACTION...Allison and Joanne will update at next meeting.

    2. CRNBC...ACTION...Andrew will speak to Paula about acquiring Practice Standards booklets for 1st year students.

    3. CNSA...no news, Aditi and Natasha will update at next meeting.

    4. BCNU...Kendra will be attending a conference in Vancouver, can arrange to have members visit campus to meet students

    5. Treasurer...Natasha will update at next meeting.

  2. Concerns/announcements (open floor)

    1. Joanne discussed unfinished business from March Madness and Bake Sale

  3. Next meeting (September 10, 730-830, location TBD)

  4. Adjournment 1235.





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