Camosun Nursing Student Collective



1.)  Call to order 730, Monday, September 10, 2018, Fisher Building,  Room 310

2.)  Roll-call/introductions (Tory, Natasha, Michelle, Meela, Aditi, Spencer, Joanne, Allison, Siobhan, Andrew, Kendra) (New members: Jacqueline, Kennedy, Philip, Olivia, Nicky, Sam, Karlina)

 3.)  Adopt agenda/suggest addition

i. Natasha discussed Global Student and Novice Nurses Peer Mentorship Program. Touched on what the program does, link for more info www.gasnnurses.com/peermentorship

ii. Tory discussed meeting times with group, suggested possible phoning in & reminded members about not missing meetings when holding an official position

iii. Andrew reminded about discussion of alternating times – morning & evening

iv. MOTION…vote on meeting times

  1. Alternating: 6

  2. Only mornings: 9

  3. Only evenings: 0

v. ACTION… Meetings to be 7:30am on Mondays & call in option available for regular members.

vi. Tory informed group that members who attend conferences will do small write up and add to News page on website


4.)  Unfinished business:

a. Revisit member positions

i.Review expectations of members

  1. Tory guided new members to use website to review position responsibilities, handed out flyers with positions description.

 ii. Discuss vacancies

  1. Tory informed group as to which positions are currently available and what positions will be becoming available in January

                  iii. Vote on new members 

1. Andrew 2ndyear CRNBC rep & Media Manager – unanimous vote

2. Joanne 3rdyear ARNBC rep – unanimous vote

3. Michelle Secretary – unanimous vote

b. Website (any questions, feedback)

                        i. No questions or feedback at this time


5.)  New business

a. CCSS Clubs Week Sept. 12-13, 1000-1400

                        1. Tory discussed what CCSS does for us, rules & standards

            i. Who is available to man table?

1. Tory passed around sign up sheet.

                    ii. What swag can we hand out to students?

1. Tory suggested handing out ARNBC brochure & pocket guides

b. CNSA fundraising

  1. Natasha – discussed what CNSA fundraises for (two conferences), Conference on rural & community nursing in Regina, One delegate to be funded to represent Camosun at conference. January Calgary conference (week long on students as leaders & advocates)

  2. Tory informed group that you can apply to BCNU for full coverage, rep can also apply for funding.

                 ii. Bake Sale

i. Dates?

1. Natasha & Aditi -Tentative Nov 20thfor both VGH and RJH, discussed duration of bake sale being shorter than before, still need to secure dates & hand in application

2. ACTION – Joanne will give Aditi forms for application and advise on how to do this.

3. Food safe (Nikki, Sam, Karlina, Tory),

ii. Task delegation

                                 1. To be discussed next week 

iii. Paint nite, or alternative

1. Natasha discussed doing it over Christmas holiday, will coordinate.


6.)  Reports

a.)   CRNBC

i. Andrew will get in touch with Paula and new group to hopefully get more information, group name changed to NNPBC (nurses and nurse practitioners of BC), will have more to discuss in future.

b.)   ARNBC

i. Allison also touched on name change to NNPBC, has bag of goodies that was sent, ignite program still running & community board still up. Applications due Sept 15thfor scholarships & bursary’s for first years.

c.)  BCNU

i. Kendra - Nursing Through Relationship.. conference, Kendra will be attending. November 30th  Human Rights and Equity Conference.

d.)   CNSA

i. Aditi – conference in October, will find out what’s in store for nursing students week.

ii. Natasha - nursing student week at end of November, suggested handing out seeds on clubs day.

e.)   Treasurer

          i. Budget update

1. Natasha discussed club revenue, $750 in account, applying for $800 funding. Budget proposal handed around. Will post working budget when approved.

2. Tory submitted the temporary budget, discussed fundraising/funding & how it works.

           ii. Biweekly receipt submissions

1. Tory informed group on receipt submissions for approved purchases, members advised to keep itemized receipt & bring to Natasha to the next consecutive meeting.


7.)  Concerns/announcements

a.)   Open floor

1. Joanne has bake sale money for Natasha & bake sale paperwork for Aditi, Prizes left over from nurses week last year (4 spinco, Fernwood yoga GC, Fernwood Inn GC, stethoscope) ACTION – will gave prizes to tory.

2. Tory will discuss possibility of contacting winners at next meeting.

3. ACTION - Aditi & Andrew will take on setup of bulletin board in nurses lounge, others invited to join as they wish.

4. Andrew discussed new Facebook page. ACTION – will delete old one. 

5. ACTION - Tory will email timetable to those who signed up for clubs week.


8.)  Next Meeting, Monday, September 24  (7:30am, Fisher 310)


9.)  Adjournment 8:17am.

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