Camosun Nursing Student Collective Meeting Agenda

1.) Call to order 1530 Monday March 19, 2018

2.) Roll-call

3.) Adopt agenda/suggest additions

4.) Unfinished business:

a.) Raffle details

● who will draw, what time on Friday, how will we announce

● clarify entry requirements if necessary

● inventory/record of prizes and fundraising efforts for treasury?

b.) Final details for remaining presentations

5.) New business

a.) Goals for our last meeting (April 2)

b.) Website (let’s try this again!)

c.) Student mentor program

d.) goals for next year

6.) Reports



c.) BCNU

d.) CNSA

e.) Treasurer

7.) Concerns/announcements

a.) Open floor

8.) Next meeting, 1530 Monday, April 2 (TBD) this will be our last meeting of the semester!

9.) Adjournment, 1630

Camosun Nursing