Camosun Nursing Student Collective Meeting Minutes

1.) Call to order 1530 Monday, March 5, 2018, Fisher 210

2.) Roll-call, Joanne, Deanna, Natasha, Aditi, Michelle, Meela, Allison, Spencer

3.) Adopt agenda/suggest additions

4.) Unfinished business:

a.) CNSC logo proposal, accepted

b.) Recap of bake sale, total income (approx. $350)

ACTION: Joanne and Natasha will collaborate on submitting appropriate formsand deposit cash to trust fund.

c.) Progress report; donations requests

● Lady Mae made a donation

● Still waiting to hear back from others.

ACTION: Joanne will share letter template

○ All members are welcome to use at their discretion to solicit donations from local businesses

○ Spencer will investigate dance classes as a donation

d.) Progress report, “March Madness”

i.) timeline (March 19-23)

ACTION: Tory will share CNSC google calendar so members can view/modify

ii.) guest speakers

● Deborah Rutman and Amanda Seymour (Her Way Home), will present Monday, March 19, 1230-1330

○ Joanne made a room booking request for 1200-1330

○ Pizza will be served to participants, we will order from Dominos

○ We will begin raffle entries at this event

ACTION: Tory will order pizza for event, Meela and Michelle will pick it up (if necessary)

● Tory will meet guests prior to event and introduce them to the group

● (someone) will buy tickets from dollar store for raffle entries

● Natasha will submit request for funds to pay for pizza

● Waiting to hear back from other guests who have been contacted

iii.) additional activities

● St. John Ambulance therapy dogs, (Aditi may have a discount), activity is CCSS approved

ACTION: Tory will email to request therapy dogs, will connect with Aditi about discount

5.) New business

● We will have our meeting as usual on Monday, March 19, 1530-1630, we will use this time to finalize plans for raffle

● Requests for students to assist us in making posters (Andrew, Rachel?)

6.) Reports



c.) BCNU

d.) CNSA

e.) Treasurer

● Natasha shared updated balance of trust fund = approx. $850

7.) Concerns/announcements

a.) Reminder: positions available

i.) Secretary

ii.) Media manager/PR (Joanne?)

● We will advertise this during March Madness

8.) Next meeting, 1530 Monday, March 19 (location TBD)

9.) Adjournment, 1630

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