Camosun Nursing Student Collective Meeting Minutes

1.) Call to order 1010, Monday, February 19, Wilna Thomas Building 225.

2.) Roll-call, Tory, Aditi, Siobhan, Joanne, Allison, Natasha

3.) Adopt agenda/suggest additions

4.) Unfinished business:

a.) Bake Sale, planning update

I. Siobhan presented advertising poster for sale, submitted to RJH for approval.

Action : Siobhan will post in nursing lounge, Fisher hallway.

II. Volunteers for baking (5 people?), need more.

Action : Tory will send out stufac email asking for volunteers.

III. Volunteers for selling, Joanne (10-11), Tory (Foodsafe, 10-12), Allison (1:30)...need more volunteers.

Action : Siobhan will share selling schedule in doc, will post to Facebook.

IV. Joanne will pick up and deliver baked goods

Action : Joanne will meet people at Camosun on Wednesday or before selling on Thursday to collect baked goods.

V. Float for sale

Action : Tory will speak to Tagg at CCSS about acquiring a float before Thursday.

b.) Additional fundraising efforts

I. “March Madness”/awareness week...need to brainstorm organize events/speakers. Projected dates are March 5-30.

Action : Tory will contact Betty Poag and Lorelei Newton about organizing various speakers (re: PEERS, trans-inclusivity, trauma informed practice). Will stay in contact with Collective members by email to collaborate.

II. Student Appreciation Giveaway, discussed template letter, companies to approach for donations. D id not discuss parameters for giveaway .

Action : Joanne will share template for donation request letter, members will collaborate on format before sending to contacts. Logo may be incorporated into letter. Collective members will collaborate on additional details via shared doc. Goal to begin requesting donations by February 26th .

III. Generating feedback. D id not get to this .

5.) New business

a.) CNSC Secretary Position, need a new person to fill position. No volunteers at this time.

Action : Members will share responsibilities until such time as position can be filled.

b.) Cheque requisition for CNSA conferences submitted, members notified.

(No action necessary.)

c.) Logo proposal from Andrew York, discussed proposal and previously mentioned award for winning proposal. Joanne is able to provide Littman stethoscope if proposal is accepted.

Action : Tory will send Andrew’s official proposal to each Collective member and request a group vote. If all group members vote “yes,” Andrew’s proposal will be accepted.

6.) Concerns/announcements (open floor)

- Siobhan raised the subject of a donation to a local charitable organization from the revenue of the bake sale. Members decided to table until next meeting depending on total revenue collected.

-Discussed success of previous donation drive for Our Place. Agreed upon desire for future charitable actions.

-Tory proposed to repeat the “Therapy Dog” student de-stressing sessions during March Madness. Natasha mentioned an instructor who may be willing to assist.

Action : Tory will explore possibility of bringing therapy dogs to March Madness.

7.) Next meeting: Monday, March 5, 1530 (location TBD)

8.) Adjournment, 1100

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