Camosun Nursing Student Collective Meeting Minutes

1.) Call to order 3:30 pm Monday, February 5

2.) Roll-call/introductions, guest Keeley Shaff, 4th year nursing student

a. Joanne, Allison, Tory, Kendra, Aditi, Siobhan, Meela, Michelle, Natasha

3.) Adopt agenda/suggest additions

4.) Unfinished business:

a.) Bake Sale, planning update

a. Siobhan: Form has been submitted and received. Waiting to hear approval from RJH.

b. Date of bakesale: Thursday February 22, 2018 1000-1600

c. Action: Joanne to coordinate bakers and sellers via social media. Require a seller with foodsafe to be on sight.

d. Action: Tory to send out an email before reading week requesting bakers and sellers

b.) Additional fundraising efforts

a. March madness awareness week

b. Entries into draw/giveaway by participating

c. Generating feedback

c.) Updates: LPN inclusion, educational activities, website, future projects

a. Didn’t get to this

5.) New business

a.) Giveaway (proposal from Joanne)

● Combined draw with people who participate in helping with bakesale

● Promote self-care

● Draw prizes: 3 prizes all the same. Gift cards for movies, gift card for treats, escape room GC

● Total cost $227.50

● Discussion re: funds and requesting funding

● Requesting donations from local businesses

b.) Guest, Keely’s feedback session on ARNBC and poverty reduction

● 4th year student at VIU

● Final placement with ARNBC, consulting with nursing students re: BC Poverty Reduction strategy that the government is working on

● ARNBC: big hand in developing policies and getting the voices of nurses and nursing students

● Requested to record the presentation: no opposition from group

● BC currently has no poverty reduction strategy

● Group discussion on what poverty looks like; marginalized groups; income assistance/disability; “working poor”; SDOH

○ What does success look like in a poverty reduction strategy?

○ Are the strategies discussed feasible?

○ Childcare, basic income, increasing income assistance and disabilities, affordable housing

○ Nursing perspective on the impacts of poverty

○ How can we create equal opportunities to participate in work?

○ Thoughts/Feedback on poverty/poverty reduction/how nurses can be the voice of change

○ Any other thoughts/questions email Keely

6.) Reports

a.) CNSA (Recap of CNSA conference, CNSA committees, NCLEX-RN)

a. Go to website and apply for CSF scholarships. Awards deadline Feb 22, 2018. Only open to 2-4 year students.

b. Can take on another AD position

b.) Treasurer

a. After withdrawing funds for the conference we are dwindling

b. Need to apply for CCSS funding

c. Fundraising efforts will go toward our “bank account”

7.) Concerns/announcements (open floor)

a. Reschedule meeting on Monday February 19 from 1000-1100

b. Next meeting specifically for bakesale and march madness draw, or updates on finances

8.) Next meeting: Monday, February 19 1000 (location TBD)

9.) Adjournment, 4:30 pm

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