Camosun Nursing Student Collective Minutes

1.) Call to order 5:30 pm, Monday, January 15, 2018

2.) Roll-call/introductions

A. Present: Tory (President), Deanna (CRNBC Rep), Natasha (Treasurer, CNSA AD), Allison, Joanne, Siobhan (Vice President, ARNBC Rep), Aditi (CNSA OD), Michelle, Meela

B. Absent: Kendra (BCNU Rep)

3.) Adopt agenda/suggest additions

A. nothing noted

4.) Unfinished business:

A. CNSA conference (Jan. 23-27)

a. Joanne, Aditi, Tory and Natasha attending

b. Bring back resources to student body

c. Student-led presentations

d. Jo-Anne Clar - book table in 2nd floor near nursing office

e. Submit ticket receipts to Natasha at enleigh@gmail.com

B. Fundraising efforts

a. Bakesale:

i. attempt to book approval 30 days in advance

ii. two weeks to obtain approval and two weeks to publicize event and drum up more support

iii. Siobhan can handle the paperwork, but asked for help with coordinating bakers, sellers, set-up, transporting baked goods to hospital, help on day running bakesale

1. Joanne volunteered

iv. Group decided date will tentatively be February 22nd, 2018

1. Siobhan suggested a longer baking day ~0900-1600

2. Need someone with foodsafe to be present the entire time

3. Action: Siobhan to start working on paperwork. Finer details to be decided at next meeting.

b. Paint Night

i. We finally got paid! (Yay)

ii. Possibly do it later in the semester

C. Meeting times/dates

a. Agreed that meetings will take place bi-weekly on Mondays at 3:30pm

i. Tory to release meeting dates

5.) New business

A. CCSS Club rules (membership, funding, meetings)

● Reach out to LPN students to join meetings

● Tory read club rules from CCSS website

● Faculty liaison supposed to be at one of our faculty members each semester (Paula Littlejohn)

○ Last year there was a faculty rep for each year. Suggested there can be more than one faculty rep.

○ Action: Tory will reach out to Lorelei to ask if she is interested.

B. CRNBC luncheon with Paula Littlejohn and Anne Logie

● Paula requested for us to have a meeting with the CRNBC liaison as well as the UVic student society

● Deanna’s best date is Thursdays

● February 1st agreed on as best day

● Action: Tory will suggest meeting to take place after 1pm.

C. CNSC Website

● Trying to remove CNSC from Facebook because some students and faculty cannot access Facebook

● CCSS happier with us when they can see all the activities we’re doing

● 1st year student is creating a Squarespace website for us

● CCSS provides media and advertising funding

● Official vote for website in favour

● Create a position within the society to have someone maintain the website (Social Media Manager)

○ Joanne would like this position

● Tory wants photos for the website

○ Action: Siobhan will create forms for people to sign for permission to post

D. New Collective projects/initiatives

● Presentation ideas (talks): ideas are talks on sex-workers inclusivity in health care, trans and non-binary inclusivity, indigenous health

● Trans-inclusive coordinator talk for nursing students; open to whole student body

○ geared towards being trans-inclusive in healthcare

○ Siobhan has contact info for presenter

● Action: Tory will ask Betty Poag for some contact information for presenters; Meela had the trans-inclusivity presentation in her 260 class last semester

● PEERS presentation?

○ Ask Betty for contact

● Mentoring sessions for first years; lunch sessions with 2nd and 3rd years answering questions; casual

○ start the motion to put something in place to start for next September

6.) Reports


a. standards around dispensing naloxone in emergency department

i. Deanna read a scenario to the group regarding a request for a naloxone kit




E. Treasurer

a. Will get an updated snapshot of our funds for next meeting

b. Will keep updated records on website when it’s running

7.) Concerns/announcements

A. Naloxone training, Jan. 22 6pm

a. Siobhan is coordinating

b. 35-40 people showed interest so far

c. Room is booked

d. Donation bin at event suggested by Siobhan, asking what AVI can use so people who attend can donate a small item

B. Open floor

8.) Date/place of next meeting: January 29, 3:30 pm (location TBD, on campus)

9.) Adjournment, 6:41 pm

Camosun Nursing