Camosun Nursing Student Collective



1.    Call to order 0730, Monday December 3rd, 2018, Fisher Building, Rm 310  

2.    Roll Call/ introduction, check-ins

Allison, Natasha, Jade, Hayley, Nicki, Kennedy, Mark, Karlina, Siobhan, Sam. M, Tory, Brook


- AVI from naloxone training, LGBTQ, HIV presentations. Event between camosun and UVIC


3.    Adopt agenda/ suggest additions

Tory: -discussion about what is entailed in the roles and task funding, being transparent to the students.

-      Official delegates and the associate delegates, chapter school-have electives voted by the student body; official delegate can only vote.

-     How we allocate funds for travel for the different delegates, would the funds go toward only the official delegate? vote on what to do with the money.

-     If we raised funds, have payed events for more experiences for students?

-     Those going to conferences, raise the money- help organize events for fundraising

-     Natasha: get more information if you join the comities, email the head of the comities and can start to listen in on meetings.


4.    Unfinished business:

a.    Paint Nite

-paint nite, 10 tickets sold. Need to sell 15 more


b.    Bake Sale & Speed Dating

                                              i.     Discuss how events went  

-bake sale raised $325, sold out! Deposited into the account

-good feedback from the nurse speed dating event from the nurses

5.    Reports

a.    BCCNP

- Andrew: chat with liason in next couple weeks

b.    NNPBC

c.    BCNU

- BCNU, Sam: presentation talks about membership, ESN positions; regional meetings, once every quarter. Tory: put schedule on the CSNC

d.    CNSA

-CNSA: webinar on diversity

e.    Treasurer

-funds, just $1047 in the trust.


6.    New Business

a.    Spring Semester Planning

                                              i.     Meeting times (vote)

All inclusive: Monday at 0730, or 1830.  Morning wins.

                                             ii.     Activity planning

·      Working with the Canadian Blood Services

·      Bake Sales

·      Spring bake sale, have diabetic option (Siobhan- diabetic option didn’t sell in the past) put on event as early as possible, Reading break?

·      Sam M: Pub trivia night- have food, drink included. Nursing themed round. (or music bingo)

o   Calender idea, Karlina has connection at photo print.

o   Pub crawl with UVIC

Canadian blood services: partner with nursing students. Set up a booth

o   Jade: blood draw- donate, bring awareness to how much blood is needed. Set up on campus? Prizes, for group that donates the most blood?

o   Mark: is there a Camosun blood services club? Partner with them?

o   Bone marrow? Have the blood draw, and have info on other ways to donate.

o   Prizes? Still have some left over from last year’s march madness.

b.    Questions about new roles/ responsibilities

7.    Concerns/ announcements

8.    Next Meeting, TBA

-     Brook: more work between UVIC and camosun? Foster some team work. Siobhan: focused on grad event at UVIC. Start in year 3, have one member switch for each meeting.

-     Sam: one big meeting, even one a semester.

9.    Adjournment 0820

Camosun Nursing