Camosun Nursing Student Collective


1. Call to order 730, Monday, November 19, 2018, Fisher Building, Room 310

2. Roll-call/introductions, check-ins

a. Philip, Andrew, Michelle, Tory, Kennedy, Jade, Allison, Aditi, Natasha, Nicky, Siobhan, Kendra, Brooke, Sam, Karlina, Sarah, Jacklin.

3. Adopt agenda/suggest additions

4. Unfinished business:

a. Nursing Student Week, final updates

                     I. Naloxone Training

1. Tory provide Jade with list of names for naloxone training tonight

2. Jade confirmed no additional needs

                     II. Bake Sale

1. Aditi confirmed no additional needs

                     III. Nursing Speed Dating Event

1. Natasha confirmed everything Is ready to go

2. Kennedy to pick up gifts for nurses attending

b. Paint Nite

 I. Update

1. Natasha confirmed we can host at 5th street, emailed coordinator to confirm date of January 9th, waiting to hear back, ticket sales will be online

  II. Task delegation (ticket sales)

5.      Reports





    1. Aditi confirmed that the report of the western conference Is up on the website, encouraged future attenders to do reports, next October conference Is held In Abbotsford, dates to be announced, CNSA has just opened a travel reward for national conference In January, offering to 10 students, 2 In western region - apply with 300-400 word essay, will send out attachment of additional Info to tory

    2. Treasurer

6. New Business

a. Spring Semester Planning

I. Meeting times

1. Tory went over how meeting times are decided

2. Siobhan brought forward that setting meeting times and keeping It consistent Is helpful

 II. Round-table on activity planning

1. Nicky brought up safe talk event, which Is a half day event discussing how to approach patients around suicide, has contacts and will look Into cost

a. Siobhan discussed previous event like this where tickets were sold to cover costs

2. Tory discussed what our fundraising and funds go towards, money that comes from CCSS Is used for activities, our fundraised money Is used for sending representatives to conferences, subsidizing events when possible, etc

3. Tory requested any future fundraising Ideas

a. Natasha brought up success with local businesses last semester with donated Items - possible silent auction

b. Natasha suggested bake sale In spring, possibly around valentines day

4. Tory mentioned carrying forward safe learning environment topic Into next semester and possibly doing an event around that, Kerri-Ann (Instructor) would be supportive of this

b. New Member Orientation (break into groups)

7. Concerns/announcements

a. Brooke suggested bringing up what CNSC does and the benefits at events

b. Allison suggested posting meeting times on CNSC board In nursing lounge

c.  Nicky wondered about posting CNSC posters In wilma thomas to promote meetings to other healthcare students

d. Sam gave information about going onto BCNU website and registering as a member and then email lynndasmith@bcnu.org that you signed up and be entered Into draw to win $250 bursary - deadline Dec 14th.

8. Next Meeting, Monday, December 3, 0730-0820, Fisher Building, Room 310  

Adjournment 820.

Camosun Nursing