Camosun Nursing Student Collective


  1. Call to order 730, Monday, October 29, 2018, Fisher Building, Room 310.

  2. Roll-call/introductions, check-ins

    Michelle, Tory, Natasha, Allison, Aditi, Phillip, Nicky, Hayley, Kennedy, Jade, Jacklin, Sarah, Sam, Brooke, Karlina, Siobhan

  3. Adopt agenda/suggest additions

  4. Unfinished business:

    1. Paint Nite Fundraiser, update

      1. Natasha confirmed Jan 9th @ Fernwood Inn, location up for change as there is a minimum spending amount of $1000 in food and drink sale and if not met, we would need to pay the difference. Looking into other locations

      2. Tory suggested putting a minimum on drink purchases on the tickets

      3. Sam suggested alternative location, Fifth Street. ACTION-Sam will talk to manager about using Fifth Street as location for event

    2. Nursing Student Week

      1. Bake Sale, need for additional volunteers?

        1. none at this time

      2. Naloxone Training

        1. Jade has 2 rooms booked for 50 people, possible 2 nights if lots of interest

        2. Tory suggested setting sign up deadline

        3. Group decided on Tuesday, Nov. 12 as sign up deadline

        4. ACTION-Brooke to confirm with Naloxone persons what their deadline preference is

        5. Date: November 19th 6-7pm

        6. Advertising

        7. Task delegation: ACTION- Tory will email task force with google doc

      3. Nursing Speed Dating, update

        1. Natasha discussed details of event: posters are out, Nov. 22nd at 6, Y300, 303C. Nurses: meds, OR, L&D, CMH.

        2. ACTION-Nicky and Kennedy to go out to 1st year classes and advertise

  5. New business:

    1. New Representatives (member vote)

      1. President, Vice President

        1. Allison Duval (President)

        2. Hayley Parrett (VP)

      2. Secretary

        1. Kennedy Baillie

      3. CNSA Associate Delegates

        1. Karlina Perron

        2. Nicky Nicholas

      4. BCNU Rep

        1. Sam Meckin

      5. NNPBC 1st Year Rep (no applicants)

    2. BC Kidney Foundation (advocacy)

      1. Info booth, volunteers

        1. Tory discussed info booth on health promotion and kidney donation, sometime between November 12-14. any interest to let Tory know and she will put you in touch with Maureen.

      2. Presentation

  6. Reports

    1. BCCNP

    2. NNPBC

    3. BCNU

    4. CNSA, Report on Western Regional Conference

      1. Aditi shared her experience with the conference, key note speakers (Martha McLeod, defined rural nursing and remote nursing, another speaker touched on “invisible backpack” nurses carry)

      2. Aditi passed around conference booklet, letting group know if they have any interest in any of the presentations to contact her as she has notes from each presentation she attended

      3. Aditi touched on the highlight of the conference for her; a presentation from staff who attended the MCI in Saskatchewan, Humboldt Broncos Bus Crash.

      4. Aditi brought to attention the National Conference in January on leadership

      5. ACTION-Aditi will send notes to Tory on conference to publish to website

    5. Treasurer

      1. Reimbursement request form

        1. Natasha informed group that reimbursement request is on website, fill out form and email to her for submission

      2. Budget/expenses report

        1. Natasha passed around 2018 funds report also point out the report is on the website

      3. Cheque reissue (member vote)

        1. Natasha informed group of 3 cheques from last year, never picked up. Question is to reissue cheques out of current budget or leave them. Keeping in mind that there has been ample opportunity and emails sent out for those persons to pick them up.

        2. MOTION- group voted not to reissue cheques

  7. Concerns/announcements

  8. Open Floor

  9. Next meeting, Monday November 19, 0730-0820, Fisher Building Room 310

  10. Adjournment 820

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