Camosun Nursing Student Collective


 1. Call to order 730, Monday, October 15, 2018, Fisher Building, Room 310

2. Roll-call/introductions, check-ins

Aditi, Tory, Allison, Brooke, Natasha, Nikki, Kennedy, Sam, Jade, Michelle

3. Adopt agenda/suggest additions

a. Tory discussed need for getting more followers on Facebook

b. Tory recommended using Canva (poster making application) and has a logo file for any task force who needs to make posters

4. Unfinished business:

a. Bake Sale

i. Task force report

1. Aditi confirmed date of Nov 20th 0900-1600, posters up asking for volunteers, waiting to send email to volunteers, need 1400-1600 shift covered still, total of 7 baking volunteers

2. Tory is monitoring email account for volunteers, stufac email sent out (year 3 didn’t receive It), will look Into this.

 ii. Any unmet needs

1. Nothing at this time

b. Paint Nite

 i. Task force report

1. Natasha is waiting to solidify a date and location with the company. Most likely at the Fernwood Inn In January.

  ii. Any unmet needs

1. Nothing at this time

c. Naloxone Training

  i. Task force report

1. Brooke emailed naloxone contact who Is away until the 24th, was told event can have up to 100 students, emailing AVI to see If anyone else can come out to do the training, potential date for the 19th.

2. Tory will send out email by end of week for Interest In the training to gather a sense of number.

3. Brooke suggested Including stats In email to convey Importance of skill

4. Tory suggested setting up posters for the naloxone training and possibly have those with experience In harm reduction to open the event by sharing their experiences

   ii. Any unmet needs

1. Nothing at this time

d. Nursing Speed Dating Event

   i. Task force report

1. Natasha confirmed date of Nov 22nd at 6pm. Have Interested nurses, The event will have 4 nurses and attendee's will get 15 minutes with each one, event will be at Camosun but not confirmed room yet.

2. ACTION - Natasha sent around signup list for event night-setup & take down.

3. ACTION - Natasha passed around nurse list and  everyone voted for their top 4 they would like to see at the event.

    ii. Any unmet needs

1. None at this time

e. Recruitment

    i. Stufac email has gone out, published to “news” on website, FB post

1. Tory has received a few submissions

     ii. Further advertising: CNSC board in lounge, CCSS approved posters?

     iii. Letters of recommendation/certificates from faculty?

     iv. Submission deadline, Oct. 28.  Members will vote Oct. 29

1. Tory Inquired about group opinion on how to read out statements of Interest

2. Group  decided that having them before hand would help the process go quicker

3. ACTION- Tory will send statements of Interest to group before next meeting, members come prepared to vote.

5. New business: Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training?

    1. Tory discussed incident in her clinical group that brought about thoughts for her in terms of nonviolent crisis intervention training, prominent issue for students and their safety, discussed advocating to faculty about getting it back into curriculum possibly in curriculum meetings. VIHA modules don’t seem sufficient enough and the 3 day training is expensive.

    2. Nikki suggested reaching out MHA program to see how they keep It going In their curriculum

    3. Michelle discussed NVCIT as a prerequisite for other nursing programs, will look Into Blue Cross training program.


6. Reports

    1. BCCNP

    2. NNPBC

      1. Allison mentioned new monthly news letter, memberships are free (a member can can vote In NNPBC election, discount rates for events, opportunities to attend meetings), CNA meeting In Ottawa - Nov 5th application deadline, NNPBC is asking for feedback - form on website that can be filled out (more Information to be posted on website)

      2. Tory suggested posting that Information to website

      3. ACTION - Allison to make small write up and send to Tory.

    3. BCNU

    4. CNSA

      1. Aditi attending upcoming conference with another student, no further comments at this time.

    5. Treasurer

7.  Concerns/announcements

    1. Tory voices concern about Facebook followers

      1. Nikki will post to her class facebook group with CNSC Information

      2. Tory will ask Andrew to post on old CNSC page stating new page Information

8. Open floor

9. Next Meeting, Monday, October 29, 0730-0820, Fisher Building, Room 310  

10. Adjournment 820.

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