Camosun Nursing Student Collective



1. Call to order 730, Monday, October 15, 2018, Fisher Building, Room 310

2. Roll-call/introductions, check-ins

3. Adopt agenda/suggest additions

4. Unfinished business:

a. Bake Sale

                      i. Task force report

                      ii. Any unmet needs

b. Paint Nite

                       i. Task force report

                       ii. Any unmet needs

c. Naloxone Training

                        i. Task force report

                        ii. Any unmet needs

d. Nursing Speed Dating Event

                         i. Task force report

                         ii. Any unmet needs

e. Recruitment

      i. Stufac email has gone out, published to “news” on website, FB post

      ii. Further advertising: CNSC board in lounge, CCSS approved posters?

      iii. Letters of recommendation/certificates from faculty?

      iv. Submission deadline, Oct. 28.  Members will vote Oct. 29

5. New business: Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training?

6. Reports

  1. BCCNP

  2. NNPBC

  3. BCNU

  4. CNSA

  5. Treasurer

7. Concerns/announcements

8. Open floor

9. Next Meeting, Monday, October 29, 0730-0820, Fisher Building, Room 310  

10. Adjournment 820.

Camosun Nursing